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Employer Tax Filing

Keystone Payroll’s tax filing service completely removes the burden of all tax filing procedures. When you subscribe to this service, all filings become the responsibility of the service bureau. Each return is either laser generated or filed on magnetic media. Yes, this does include local and LST taxes!!! Complete tax filing reports are provided for client records. All year-end filings and employer/employee copies are laser printed. Unlike smaller payroll providers, we DO NOT outsource the tax payments and filing to some out of state firm. All of the Keystone Payroll staff lives in PA and understands PA taxes!

Two levels of tax filing service are available:

  • Outsource the entire process (Keystone Payroll liable for timely payment and reporting of taxes).
    This service is called Tax Pay and File.
  • Tax deposit checks and notices are printed and delivered with payroll–client deposits and reports on their own behalf.
     This service is called Tax Alert