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iSolved HCM

You deserve more than JUST Payroll...

And we provide it!

Busy employers like you are demanding their payroll providers do more than just provide paychecks to their employees. Businesses need comprehensive human capital management (HCM) solutions that integrate business functions into a single source, automate procedures, increase efficiencies and save money.

iSolved is a cloud-based, user-friendly solution that makes processing your payroll easier than ever before. And it increases accuracy. With iSolved, you have time tracking, human resources and benefits enrollment all within one source. No more duplicate data entry, or exporting and importing between disparate applications. Plus, your employees will have access to Employee Self-service - improving their engagement and satisfaction.

As an iSolved Certified Partner, we provide our customers with this transformational HCM technology, all while providing white glove service. Regardless of how many locations you have, or your number of employees, we process your payroll with accuracy. We handle all the reporting and filings so you don’t have to.

Contact us at 814-234-2272 for more information on iSolved - the solution that will transform your business.

Employee Self Service - Employer

Keeping your employees informed just got easier. A self-service that is not only beneficial to you, but empowers your employees to manage their own information, make informed decisions and communicate with HR easily.

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HR and Payroll Together

By bringing the essential functions of Payroll and HR together, iSolved simplifies your people management. All critical functions are in one database. No more exporting, importing or clunky integrations. And, iSolved doesn’t stop there...

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iSolved Network Time Sales Sheet

iSolved | Time is now a 100% native part of the iSolved solution. Turn it on today and take the hassle out of collecting, tracking and reporting time.

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Hiring new candidates can be tedious and inefficient. New hire paperwork can become overwhelming, and keeping track of a stack of documents is not ideal. iSolved Onboarding will streamline the process.

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Open Enrollment

iSolved is technology that provides an improved experience for employers and employees for the critical open enrollment process.

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Performance Reviews

Simple to Use Employee Performance Reviews. Native to iSolved.

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Report Writer

iSolved’s Report Writer is easy to use. Really. We’ve built a point, click and drop reporting system that is extremely simple to use.

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