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No Discuss Policy

Due to increased fraud and security concerns over employee data, Keystone Payroll has instituted a “no discuss” policy regarding our clients’ employees and their information.  Keystone Payroll does not have the proper resources or capability to verify a person contacting us is who they say they are.  Therefore, we must immediately cease direct employee communication.  Your company and employee data is very important to us and this is just one step in our on-going attempt to keep this data secure.

To help us with this, please do not pass along our contact information to your employees for them to call, email or stop in at our office.  We will not directly assist employees regarding their payroll information, W2s, check stubs, electronic access or any other items.  If an employee contacts us, we will not speak with them or return emails, other than referring them back to you.  If an employee stops in to our office, we will not discuss anything with them.  This is the only way we can guarantee your employees’ data will not be distributed by Keystone Payroll employees with anyone who should not have access.

If an employee asks you for information and you need assistance to support them, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you in any way you require.  We can offer training or provide documentation which may help.  Other options would be calling us with your employee in your office so we can all discuss the questions over speaker phone or setting up a multi-way call with everyone on the line.  Any discussion between Keystone Payroll staff and a client’s employee must be initiated and monitored by a registered contact of the employer until completion.