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Keystone Payroll Resources

Keystone Payroll’s support staff is highly trained and experienced with all of our product and service offerings. Just as important, however, our team uses the latest technology to make our response to your needs both fast and efficient. Our online support capabilities make it possible for you to receive the immediate support you need in ways you may have never thought possible. The results are obvious!

Starting a new business or have an existing business in Pennsylvania? PA Biz Online gives entrepreneurs one-stop access to business information. Entrepreneurs can find out how to start a business, learn how PA can help them grow, find the right forms and electronically register a business with the Department of Labor and Industry, Department of Revenue and Department of State.

Client Forms

For our new and current clients, here you will find a complete list of forms which you can download at your convenience. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader.




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FLSA Changes

  • FLSA Planning Booklet- New FLSA Overtime Changes- 4 steps to Take Now to Prepare
  • FLSA Presentation- HRAnswerLink- Overview of the ne FLSA Changes.
  • Federal FLSA Guide- A summary of terms and flow chart to assist in determining if an employee is exempt- you must look at the job description, the actual duties and tasks that make up the majority of an employee's job, and the method of wage payment.
  • FLSA Changes: Decision -Making Guide- This guide is the first of a two-part series developed to assist with the pending FLSA changes.  This guide assist with the planning of the changes including identifying which employees could be affected; calculating hours worked by these employees; considering which compensation strategy is most appropriate; and condcuting a compensation analysis for each employee.
  • FLSA Changes: Implemention Guide- This guide is the second of a two-part series developed to assist with the impenging FLSA changes and how to implement plans developed in part one of the series.  

          Additional FLSA resources:

                 Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division http://www.dol.gov/whd/

                 Deparment of Labor's Guide on the FLSA http://www.dol.gov/elaws/flsa.htm

                 Common Exemptions http://www.dol.gov/elaws/esa/flsa/screen75.asp

Misc Other