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Some of Keystone Payroll’s unique functionality and system features are:

  • Phone, fax-in or on-line payroll submission customized to your needs
  • Certified Payrolls and reports
  • Multiple-frequency processing under same Federal EIN
  • Direct Deposit to multiple bank accounts
  • Electronic Downloading of 401k, G/L, and other reports
  • Vacation, sick or personal time off accruals by any method
  • Gross-to-Net calculations

Creating payroll checks requires accuracy, dependability and reliability. Each stub shows the employee’s key payroll information, including year-to-date data. Third party checks can also be produced. Complex calculations like child support or federal garnishments are executed accurately. These checks can be delivered with your regular employee checks or mailed out by Keystone Payroll for you. 

Some other key features of Keystone Payroll’s check production is: 

  • Checks show vacation, sick or personal accrual balance or use
  • Logos can be printed on individual checks
  • Marital status and exemptions displayed
  • Checks are signed and pressure sealed, including multiple signatures
  • Individual or global messages to employees available