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SmartPay Pay-As-You-Go

A Leading Provider of Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation Solutions

Our Pay-As-You-Go Makes Business Happen for Business Owners

One of the largest costs of doing business is insuring your employees against injury on the job ― Workers' Compensation coverage. Paying for workers' comp is always a challenge due to the high cost of premiums. Trying to estimate your payroll for the coming year can be difficult if your employee base fluctuates throughout the year.

SmartPay Pay-As-You-Go provides the ability to pay workers' comp premium ― one payroll period at a time.

How SmartPay Helps Your Business to Achieve Your Goal

  • Workers’ Comp premiums are paid per payroll period based on actual payroll vs. estimated projections.
  • No over or under paying – you pay exactly what you owe.y
  • Premiums are automatically deducted each time payroll is processed.
  • Results in accurate reporting of payroll numbers and premium paid.
  • Significantly reduce downtime, productivity lost and aggravation caused by audits.

Your SmartPay Benefits

  • Pay-As-You-Go vs. paying an estimated amount.
  • No large down payments or estimated advances to insurance companies.
  • Frees up cash flow for operating expenses.
  • Exact reports track premiums paid per pay period.
  • Reduce any audit risk.
  • Payroll deduct ensures accuracy and ease of implementation.
  • 24/7 access to your cloud-based financial reports.

With SmartPay’s Pay-As-You-Go solutions, your company has the ability to accurately pay any workers’ comp premium one payroll period at a time!

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