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Employee Financial Wellness Program

Financial Fitness or “FinFit” Offers the most unique and comprehensive wellness program available to America’s workforce today. 

FinFit is your employee’s personal coach to financial freedom!

This voluntary program encourages employees to improve their financial standing through a host of training and educational resources. Our plan ensures employees have the knowledge, skills, and monetary resources to assess, predict, reach, and maintain good financial health.

Did you Know…

  • 82% of employees want their employers to provide more financial education
  • 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, financial stress is at an all time high
  • 75% of employees will experience some sort of financial challenge and nearly one half of them will handle these challenges at work using approximately 1-4 hours per week

Let FinFit improve your bottom line by:

  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Reducing 401(K) account borrowing
  • Eliminating the need for salary advances
  • Reducing turnover

Employer Benefits

  • Greater productivity and profitability
  • No cost or liability
  • Alternative financing for HDI plans
  • Reduce 401k borrowing and salary advances
  • Seamless integration
  • Minimum to zero maintenance
  • Real and affordable solutions
  • Financial education, tools and resources
  • Improve financial well being
  • Improve job performance

Get started today with just 3 simple steps

  • Go to finfit.com
  • Click on Register and CREATE EMPLOYER ACCOUNT
  • Enter your company information

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